Saturday, May 2, 2009

Online Reputation Management Services


Should our Reputation Audit clients wish for Solutionz Media to assist in execution of the improvement plan, we are happy to extend the following Reputation Management services:

Personal Online Reputation Management is available for $100 per month, for a minimum of 3 months. Initially, Solutionz Media will prepare a detailed plan for improvement of the client's online reputation. It will then make specific recommendations, by social media platform, for making improvements. At the end of each month, once improvements are made, Solutionz Media will monitor all the sites included in the original audit and provide an updated audit report.

Basic Corporate Online Reputation Management is available for $249 per month, for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Electronic survey of C-level Team as to how they believe the Company should be perceived in the social marketplace to determine whether there is internal consensus
  • Monitoring of online reputation, based on the same criteria established in the audit
  • Specific recommendations, by social media platform, for making improvements
  • One 15 minute Interview per month of key Executive on Solutionz Live! show on blogtalkradio in one of the following slots: Innovation, Leadership or Growth. Electronic copy of the interview will be available.
  • Creation of one promotional video per month to promote the Solutionz Live! interview
Custom Corporate Online Reputation Management is also available based on the specific needs of a corporation. The custom service includes all of the basic services, plus one Solutionz Live! interview per month of key Customers on best practices, involving the customers' product or service. It is $499 per month and includes syndication of the radio interviews and the promotional videos to a maximum of 5 social media platforms.

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