Monday, September 21, 2009

Why do a social media reputation audit?

If you don't know where you are starting, how can you know how to get to your destination? And when it comes to social media, do you know where it fits in your overall marketing strategy?

Social media is everywhere. People are talking. They are watching you, what you say, what you quote, what you repeat and whether you are contributing original content. They see what networks you belong to and in many cases, how you are leveraging that network (or not).

Your profile is the new resume. Google is the new background check.

Just like websites became a must in the late 90s, now you are measured in how deeply and more importantly, how effectively you have penetrated the social grid.

Whether you are looking for a new position, looking for capital or just wanting to promote your brand, your company or your expertise, you need to know how you are seen on the social grid.

We believe that doing an audit of where you are is not a luxury in this economy, it is essential.

Stop and take stock.

For more information about relationship audits for individuals and for companies, click HERE

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Social Proof - Simon U Ford beats Google at their own game on YouTube

Beating Google Friend Connect is a real testament to what can be done when you get a group of advocates together to make a point. Simon U Ford and his Social Traffic VIP team set out to "own" the term Google Friend Connect on YouTube and have successfully outpaced Google's own developers. Word of mouth media is the most powerful when you use the right tools.

Leveraging Google Friend Connect

Watch this video and learn about how the Google Friend Connect feature can help you grow your social graph. Simon U Ford gives a very succinct view of GFC and how it fits into your use of word of mouth media.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Solutionz Media launches a full suite of services for those in transition

Whether you are unemployed, underemployed, self-employed and questioning whether it is time to re-enter the corporate world, we have practical tools for you. See Transition Solutionz for a full description of our services for those in career transition, offered in conjunction with best in class partners, Libby Gill, ResuMAYDAY and Apical Resource Group.

This week we are launching a new Transition Solutionz Radio broadcast, beginning with a one hour program with our partner, Libby Gill.

The show will air on Wednesday, May 20th from 2-4pm ET. My co-host for the series will be Tiffany Topcik.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Solutionz Media launches new Online Reputation Solutionz service

Tampa-based Solutionz Media announces a new set of services known as Online Reputation Solutionz, centered around helping companies and professionals manage their online reputation.

See below for descriptions of the Online Reputation Audit and Management services for both companies and individuals.

Stay tuned for our complete social media training offering, which will be launched in July through our business partner, Social Traffic.

Online Reputation Audit


Solutionz Media offers a Personal Online Reputation Audit, which is available for $199. For individuals, quite often the problem is not a bad online reputation, it is NO reputation.

The online reputation audit will provide:

  • Scoring and assessment of the client's presence in 5 social media networks, including LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
  • Scoring and assessment of overall search results in Google and Yahoo search engines.
  • A personalized recommendation for high level improvements in content/approach based on your business intent (e.g. in transition, seeking promotion from within, business growth, etc.)

The Corporate Online Reputation Audit is $1,299. It includes:

  • Review of official Company blog(s)
  • Scoring and assessment of the client's presence in 5 social media networks, including LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
  • Scoring and assessment of overall search results in Google and Yahoo search engines.
  • Audit of up to 3 additional social media sites, as determined by results of Google and Yahoo search engine audit
  • Customized high level recommendations based on the observations from the audit
For more information, contact or call 813-925-0789

Online Reputation Management Services


Should our Reputation Audit clients wish for Solutionz Media to assist in execution of the improvement plan, we are happy to extend the following Reputation Management services:

Personal Online Reputation Management is available for $100 per month, for a minimum of 3 months. Initially, Solutionz Media will prepare a detailed plan for improvement of the client's online reputation. It will then make specific recommendations, by social media platform, for making improvements. At the end of each month, once improvements are made, Solutionz Media will monitor all the sites included in the original audit and provide an updated audit report.

Basic Corporate Online Reputation Management is available for $249 per month, for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Electronic survey of C-level Team as to how they believe the Company should be perceived in the social marketplace to determine whether there is internal consensus
  • Monitoring of online reputation, based on the same criteria established in the audit
  • Specific recommendations, by social media platform, for making improvements
  • One 15 minute Interview per month of key Executive on Solutionz Live! show on blogtalkradio in one of the following slots: Innovation, Leadership or Growth. Electronic copy of the interview will be available.
  • Creation of one promotional video per month to promote the Solutionz Live! interview
Custom Corporate Online Reputation Management is also available based on the specific needs of a corporation. The custom service includes all of the basic services, plus one Solutionz Live! interview per month of key Customers on best practices, involving the customers' product or service. It is $499 per month and includes syndication of the radio interviews and the promotional videos to a maximum of 5 social media platforms.

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