Saturday, July 25, 2009

Social Proof - Simon U Ford beats Google at their own game on YouTube

Beating Google Friend Connect is a real testament to what can be done when you get a group of advocates together to make a point. Simon U Ford and his Social Traffic VIP team set out to "own" the term Google Friend Connect on YouTube and have successfully outpaced Google's own developers. Word of mouth media is the most powerful when you use the right tools.


  1. For those of you that don't understand the value of holding the #1 spot on Google's YouTube, check out the number of unique visitors that they get every month. YouTube is growing 31.78% per year and now has over 78m uniques per month. Getting onto the first screen for a term like Google Friend Connect, ahead of Google's own developer videos is something you would expect to pay big bucks for (if you are still thinking Web 2.0 keyword buys). But this is human capital we are talking about. Powerful stuff.

  2. Utilizing the Google Friend Connect (GFC) widget to viral market your website or blog YouTube video is a powerful way to viral market your video utilizing this amazing GFC widget.

    The Google search engine gives priority rankings to those blogs or websites that promote their videos through the GFC widget.

  3. Yes what a fantastic tool to connect and to really find out what all the other people who connect to the same sites as you are all about. You can find out what they recommend and connect with them to enhance your whole experience. Not to mention build valuable relationships. A stellar performance by the Social Traffic team to demonstrate the power of the collective.

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